Missions Update from Burkina Faso

Joel and Karen Gray, ICC-supported missionaries in Burkina Faso, report that they had a close call with violence. Several terrorist attacks resulted in missionaries being killed or kidnapped. They report:

"Yesterday evening about 25 SIM missionaries went out to dinner together at the invitation of friends from Messiah College. As we finished our meal several people received phone messages describing a terrorist attack happening on the same street about 7 blocks away. We quickly exited the restaurant and hurried home. Men used car bombs and machine guns to to take over a hotel and a restaurant often frequented by Westerners. Many people died, including apparently, a missionary friend of ours who serves with another organisation.

"Earlier that same day another attack occurred in a small town to the north. Again several people were killed. A third incident the same day involved the kidnapping of an elder missionary couple: Dr. Ken and Jocelyn Elliot who have served in northern Burkina for many many years." Read more