Judy's Update from Goma

Judy Kee continues her travels in Congo and send the update below. We pray for her and look forward to her return this coming week.

We arrived here safely with no delays at the Beni airport and Dr. Jo met us at the Goma airport. What a busy city full of people, motorcycles, minibuses, and pedestrians: one million population and growing. The traffic was heavy at 5 p.m. through town getting to his home lakeside. I found that the grief over the loss of Lyn’s presence here overwhelmed me as we walked into their familiar yard and her rose garden. She is mentioned here often, and their shared vision for Heal Africa continues to be Jo’s inspiration. That eased my heart. Sleep was difficult for me as the pillow was unyielding and the dreams and thoughts were many.

Today we went to Heal Africa for morning Friday prayers in the Tabernacle (church) for an especially long worship service complete with a sermon: dual preaching in English and Swahili. We toured the hospital and saw the construction on going here. Two of our former students from the Baptist church came to see Nancy and me. “We are here because you are here, Madame."

Thursday, after we left the Beni airport, there was a conflict that occurred with our further details. The need to be courageous and persist in the work at CME Beni is a constant need with this continued civil unrest.

On Thursday morning, the young doctor who is medical director, Dr. Baraka, told us his dreams for leadership development that he is using currently. He is a very wise young man guided by God in so many ways.  I recorded a testimony from him in English for you all to hear.

The passages of Scripture we have been reading daily have greatly aided my prayers, like forgiveness, deliverance from evil, loving our neighbors, etc., all fall into the realm of prayer needs here. I realize that there are no safe places in the world. Safe meaning security that is sure. There is always conflict, stealing, murder, deception as part of the kingdom of the principalities and powers over which Jesus declared victory. Joshua 1:7-9 certainly applies in all those confrontations with the GIANTS  around us. Thanks for praying.

This is now rest time.  Perhaps there will be more folks coming here to see us. Three things will last forever - faith, hope and love - and the greatest of these is LOVE.